Welcome to HBM Limos & Taxis

HBM was established almost 25 years ago , initially as a dedicated personalised corporate taxi service, under a business partnership owned and run by Manny and Bruce. During their long service in the industry they were innovative in client promotion and influential in the development of corporate taxi services in Melbourne.

The HBM services in recent years have converted to limousines with Silver Service taxis able to be accessed for back-up and support. Today we have a thriving limousine business which includes drivers who have a very extensive and successful history in this industry and highly respected.

HBM’s driving business priority is customer service and satisfaction, above all else. We provide excellent long wheel based vehicles and experienced, caring drivers. We understand customer needs and can handle a range of different services for our clients.

Importantly, the customer comes first in our thinking at all times, their business privacy is our priority.

We are confident that HBM provides a first class service at very competitive and reasonable rates, so, why not try us ?